10 Books I Think People Should Read To Become More Successful

Knowledge is power, and it’s no secret that reading is the single most inventive way humans have learned to expand their access to knowledge and power. As Frederick Douglass once said, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” I certainly agree with this and think that no matter how many new technologies […]

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Strategically Managed? It Should Be.

You may hear financial gurus toss around the phrase “retirement portfolio management strategies” as if everyone has a concrete idea of what that means. But connecting the gap between the reason for your strategies (the goals you have for your future) and the actual decisions you make with your investments is a pretty daunting task […]

What Is Your Ideal Long-Term Care Solution?

Have you built long-term care costs into your holistic wealth strategy? If not, this is an important thing to consider. Research suggests that most Americans turning 65 this year will need at least some form of long-term care as they age,[1] and long-term care is enormously expensive. However, you have options to build long-term care […]

Does Someone You Know Need A Complimentary Strategy Session?

The past year and a half has been interesting, to say the least. With the coronavirus pandemic, a tumultuous election resulting in a new presidential administration, and a shaky return to normal employment levels, it’s no wonder Americans are feeling insecure about their wealth and financial security. During times like these, it’s more important than […]

How Our Wealth Strategy Portal Can Help You Enjoy More And Worry Less

If you’ve ever tried to make sense of your finances and thought to yourself, “Wow, what a mess,” you’re not alone. A recent study by Capital One found that 58% of participants feel like their finances control their lives, rather than the other way around. (1) In this article, we’ll share our unique approach to […]

Year-Round Tax Reduction Strategies

Whenever the topic of taxes comes up, it’s typically to discuss how to get out of paying them. When people earn money, it’s usually with the intent to spend it on their happiness, not to give it to the government. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence that folks are only interested in talking about taxes […]

Financial Conversation Tips for Couples

Communication about money is often fraught for couples, and bringing the topic up with your partner can be challenging. But discussing financial concerns, goals and habits is key to a strong relationship. And open communication about these topics can help you and your partner work as a team toward common financial goals. How to talk […]

Breaking Down Socially Responsible Investing

Many investors want more out of their investments than just a good return. They want to know that the companies they invest in are ethical and responsible — that they build environmentally sustainable business models, advance a social good and operate in a transparent, ethical way. To identify these companies, socially responsible investors can use […]

5 Tax Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Most people don’t start thinking about taxes until January rolls around. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you have so much more to keep up with than the average person. Self-employment taxes. Employee taxes. Quarterly estimated taxes. It’s a lot. Figuring out how to effectively manage your tax situation should always be on the brain. With […]

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