Who We Serve

My clients look a lot like you.

Here are a few scenarios of the types of people I serve.
The Retirement Red Zone

A couple in their 60's looking for someone they can trust.

This couple was newly retired. They wanted personal service and a trusted parnter, not a slick salesman. They also wanted answers as they transitioned out of the workforce and into retired life.

We answered all their questions, then we implemented our Signature Process to provide a level of comfort and security. Now they can relax, knowing they have enough to live their best life in retirement.

Professional Practitioners

A Doctor in her 50's worried about income reduction after the passing of her husband.

Our client was extremely concerned about the assets that remained and having enough income due to the reduction of Social Security benefits.

We created a plan that kept the assets out of the “market” to avoid risk, with the goal of providing income she will never outlive.

Our plan also established income streams that will begin at various intervals in the future, providing a rising income to help keep up with inflation.


Clients who manage their own business can count on BWM to serve as a strategic advisor in financial and business planning.

We start by understanding your ultimate goals for your business, family, philanthropy, and legacy. We then review an array of suitable options and selectively design a clear & intentional plan to get the best tax outcomes, one that includes future giving and estate and tax planning before and as you sell your business interests.

We Put You First.

For over 25 years, John Halterman and Beacon Wealth Management have worked with select individuals in the Retirement Red Zone, entrepreneurs, and professional practitioners in the greater Bridgeport, West Virginia area, as well as across the country. Our high-touch, client-focused wealth management makes us the first call for affluent investors looking to strengthen their financial health holistically and intentionally.

We believe every proven plan should include these 4 aspects:

Generate Income
We help ensure your expenses can be paid reliably and predictably for the rest of your life.
Reduce Risk
We help ensure your expenses can be paid reliably and predictably for the rest of your life.
Lower Taxes
We implement strategies to reduce your tax burden now, and in the future.
Leave a Legacy
We maximize your giving to charities and beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

How Our DARE Process Works

We’ve been successfully helping folks like you for a long time…just under 30 years to be exact.  Over that time we’ve perfected our process to give our clients the guidance they need to find confidence and clarity with their investments.  

It’s called DARE…as in DARE To LIVE More & Worry Less In Retirement.  Here’s how it works at the 50,000 ft level.


STEP 1: In our discovery session, we will establish an exact understanding of what you want to accomplish, where you are now and your feelings toward money.


STEP 2: Using our proven process and systems we analyze to simplify and organize your entire financial situation so you can finally see everything in one place. It's streamlined, optimized and organized like never before. We believe you'll have more financial confidence knowing you're on top of everything.


STEP 3: You've made the sacrifices you've made and worked as hard as you've worked for a reason. This is where the strategy recommendations come together to accomplish the goals you have and have the impact you've dreamed of.


STEP 4: As life unfolds, we will work hard to continue elevating the quality of your life. We will always remain highly engaged with you to maintain a current understanding of your family dynamics and financial needs. We will constantly be reviewing your strategy’s progress relative to what you want to accomplish. We will adjust your strategy as your life evolves.