What I Do and How I Can Help

As we get older, life seems to get more complicated. Between our work and family, it’s hard to find the time and energy to devote to overwhelming and necessary tasks, such as investing or financial planning.

I know how valuable your time is. I created Beacon Wealth Management with the mission of helping retirees, entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, and professionals clean out their financial junk drawers, reduce overexposure to taxation and investment risk so they can avoid personal financial crisis. By allowing me and my firm to take care of the intricacies of wealth management and investing, you can devote more time to your family and passions in life.

Who We Serve

We specialize in serving West Virginia University faculty and medical staff, entrepreneurs, medical & professional practitioners and retirees who are in their second half of life. They’ve worked hard in life to achieve their level of success, and they want to ensure their accumulated nest egg works hard for them in retirement.

As they approach their Golden Years, they face a number of questions and concerns about making a successful transition, from maintaining their current lifestyle to reducing taxes. Some of their common questions include:

  • Have you saved enough money?
  • Will you be able to maintain their current standard of living?
  • When should you claim Social Security?
  • How will you navigate complex tax laws to reduce your tax burden?
  • How can you leave a legacy to your loved ones minimizing taxation?

What We Offer

Our goal is to help them realize their retirement dreams and overcome the insecurities that come with taking this major step. Reaching financial goals requires much more than just contributing to a 401(k) plan. Through comprehensive wealth management, retirement & investment advisory, tax reduction strategies and estate planning, we seek to help our clients pursue financial independence through smarter planning practices.

Our streamlined approach is easy to interpret, incorporates state-of-the-art planning tools and technology, and gives careful consideration to tax-related and estate planning concerns. Once your customized strategies are implemented, we’ll continue to guide you, help you navigate any hurdles, and offer continuous advice through our relationship. Through our services and process, we aim to provide a comprehensive wealth strategy that can help clients pursue financial freedom.

Why Clients Choose Us

I believe there are six key reasons why clients choose to work with me.

  1. A dedicated team. One professional advisor and an assistant cannot handle the complexity of today’s financial world. We have assembled an entire family of local, specialized professionals to provide an effective client experience; something you won’t find at most firms.
  2. Objective advice. As an independent firm, we aren’t tied to sales quotas or proprietary products. Instead, we have the freedom to offer unbiased advice and gain access to hundreds of global strategic partners and first-rate technology tools.
  3. A private website. We provide you a digital Wealth Strategy Center, where you can easily organize and manage your financial affairs in one safe, secure location. This can help you stay on course with your goals and monitor your progress.
  4. Tactical portfolio management. Your life doesn’t remain static, and neither should your investments. Using a disciplined approach, we proactively manage your portfolio and make allocations changes as the volatility of the markets change.
  5. Strong relationships. We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we build with our clients. You can expect to receive consistent communication, this includes face to face financial checkups, education events, special reports and much, much more.
  6. Transparent fees. We keep our fees straightforward, charging a percentage of assets under our management. Unlike commission-based products, this structure puts us on the same side of the table with one mutual incentive: growing and preserving your assets.

How to Get Started

Helping so many people in my community drives me and my team every day. I always enjoy meeting with individuals, couples, and families approaching or living in retirement to learn about their goals and see if we may be able to help. To schedule a complimentary retirement consultation, or to get a second opinion on your current financial strategies, contact my office today by calling (304) 626-3900. Or, you can email me at [email protected]

About John

John Halterman is a family-oriented, landscaping and racquetball playing enthusiast, Bojangles addicted, youth sports coaching, public speaking, author and financial advisor. As the founder and owner of Beacon Wealth Management, he manages and organizes the financial affairs of retirees, entrepreneurs, and professionals, helping them tackle a multifaceted set of financial worries and pursue their retirement dreams. Along with more than two decades of experience, he is credentialed as a Certified Wealth Strategist, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Certified Estate Planner, Plan Provider Consultant, Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant and Registered Financial Consultant. Based in Clarksburg, West Virginia, he works with clients throughout the state and across the country. To learn more, visit www.bwmwv.com or connect with John on LinkedIn.